Renewable energy source: We use renewable energy source (biomass boiler) in the generation of steam used in our plant-based fuel manufacturing process;

Air quality: We use multi-cyclone filters in the chimney of our boiler to guarantee the quality of the gases preventing contamination.

Water reuse: In manufacturing we have several stages of the process that we use a large amount of water, thinking about the importance of this good, we have a reuse system, at the end of each production this final rinse water is used, storing in a tank that will be used again in the process;

Recycling of materials: All plastic and cardboard containers are sent to recycling through selective separation and transformed into new products;
Wood that comes with inputs are also reused transformed into biomass (renewable energy);

The effluent treatment station: All the effluents generated are routed to the effluent treatment station, which through a physical chemical process we remove the rejection of the production that is of vegetable origin, this rejection is directed to the composting where used for the manufacture of organic fertilizers;


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a competitive factor for business. In the past, what identified a competitive company was basically the price of its products. Afterwards, it came to the wave of quality, but still focused on the products. Today we must invest in perfecting their relations with all the publics they depend on and with whom they are related: customers, suppliers, employees, partners and collaborators. This also includes the community.
Manufacturing products that do not degrade the environment promote social inclusion and participate in the development of the community of which they are part, among other initiatives, are increasingly important differentials for companies in the conquest of new consumers or customers.
It is the knowledge and practice of the company to all our collaborators our Internal Procedures Manual, which informs all our rules of conduct in force and practiced.

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